Shop Hunting Tuesdays - 12/11/2013

Ello There   |

Seth Lucas started the shop in between semesters in the Fall of 2008 when he was tired of his job. Since then it grew and grew, and by the time we graduated it became full time jobs for both of us, something we never expected at first.

We have been doing wedding invitations since then, and just recently added in prints and stationery. We create pieces that are personal to us. We love to travel, (we take a ton of road trips), we collect records, we do photography as well, so a lot of our work reflects that.

As of now we are located in Brooklyn but we never stay in one place too long. Since graduating we have traveled Europe, lived in Seattle, Indianapolis, and now Brooklyn. We’re not sure what the future holds or where we will be next, but we know we will always spend our time creating.

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Firmalt.   |

"Bouch Burger Bistro was created with the intent of perfecting the burger. Each burger has been carefully crafted to provide a unique and thoroughly enjoyable flavor. The burger is created from the ground up, which means the bread, sauces and spices are made in-house to guarantee quality. The concept is inspired by small specialty butcher shops, where products are hand-picked to ensure the finest and freshest selection for their clients. It was important for the brand to represent quality products, with a certain charm and friendliness."

Firmalt is a multidisciplinary design studio that provides unique creative solutions that develop and position brands. We create strong visual concepts that communicate clear ideas, add value, and differentiate from the competition.

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Deal of the week: Complete Uni Sans Font Family - only 19$!

Uni Sans is a bold, strong, high-quality typeface, you certainly can’t go wrong with. This professional font family was inspired by the classic grotesque strong typefaces, but features a more softened geometric touch. With 7 different weights in 2 styles (both upright and italics), this bold family is the perfect choice for a headline typeface. 

Uni Sans Highlights:

Unique, Strong Typeface

  • The Uni font family finds its inspiration in the classic grotesque strong typefaces such as DIN and Dax. But with some truly perfected softened geometric features, Uni brings its own unique style to the table.

7 Different Weights in 2 Styles

  • Besides offering 2 different typeface styles (upright and italics), Uni Sans includes 7 different weights.

Perfect Solution for Headlines

  • With a well-finished geometric design, optimized kerning, and excellent legibility, Uni Sans is the perfect choice for headlines of any size. It’s also great ot use for text blocks that come in maximum and minimum variations.

Variety of Uses

  • So where exactly can you best use Uni Sans? this professional and versatile typeface will work with you on everything from T-shirts to posters to logos, as well as just about any graphic design project for the Web, print or even motion graphics.

To check the full deal and purchase the fonts, proceed to the Mighty Deals website!

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Neumeister    |

"Neumeister was assigned to develop a graphic identity. The excitement of contrasts, where the old and rustic blends with a highly modern expression was the common thread in our creative process. The logotype is therefor based on classic and modern nautical typography, along with graphic elements closely connected to the characteristics of Stockholm as a city surrounded by water."

Neumeister is a brand design agency. They were founded in Stockholm in 2006. They help companies of all sizes develop their brands and businesses, and they have gained knowledge in quite a variety of industries throughout their considerably short life. Their field of work is regarded as creative. At Neumeister, however, they are driven by reason. And they don’t fear routines that respect budgets, honor deadlines and keep everyone on target.

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Device Creative Collaborative    |

"Event planner Lisa Vorce wanted a custom invitation that would create conversation and excitement about her clients’ upcoming Native American-inspired wedding in the desert of Arizona. Drawing from those influences, we designed the form and function of a small teepee, complete with skewers as support beams."

Device is a design studio based in Winston-Salem, NC, honoring the craft and getting our hands dirty as often as possible.

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Hip Hop Type Vol.1 by Paolo Jose Salgado


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